Whatcha’ growing?

I am committing to self-care in 2017. And as my birthday month has arrived, so has spring fever!  The fever for growth!  And what better way to symbolize this than to begin plans for my backyard garden!  
My pescetarian lifestyle is becoming more and more plant based, and I like it😆.  For this reason I will plant what I eat, and eat what I plant!  Now I’ve had gardens in the past.  Some years better than others, but overall they’ve been so-so successful. Primarily because I lose the commitment to tend to my garden properly when ‘life’ begins to happen.   I even get to a point where I don’t want to reap my harvest for fear it won’t return plentiful.  Yeah, I know, I sound like I need to lay down on the couch of a ‘Gardengrowthologist’, huh? That should be a thing, really, LOL!  

No worries, I feel this year is different though. Our family lost a good friend and care giver that used to make gardening sound so simple.  She said I was complicating the process and that I just needed to relax and simply, get my hands dirty.  We lost her at the end of January this year.  It is in her honor and her memory that I know I will be victorious this go-round.  

In my research I found a wonderful article from Georgia Organics that provides a beautiful comprehensive outline that I will be using this year as my guide.  I’ve provided the link below.

So here’s to Julia! May my garden grow as your spirit and vibrance has grown in me! 

Let’s get to growing!


-Make it a Great Tasting Day!


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