Bad hard rock….bad!!

(Distorted view purposely done)

I’m taking this opportunity on my blog today to gripe.  I believe going out to dine with friends and/or family is one of the best things in life.  It’s hands-down a perfect combination, good food & loved ones.  However, we only had it half right last Saturday night. 

My baby sister was turning 21 and wanted a nice universal type place to dine that everyone could enjoy.  HRC was mentioned.  She researched it, and agreed that this was the spot where she’d celebrate. 

Everything was fine, that is, until the bill came.  You tell me how the following order of:

– Potato skins (appetizer)

– Wings (appetizer)

– Cobb Salad

– 1 glass of Merlot, 2 beers, and 1 Margarita for the B-day girl

EQUALS= $92!  at the HRC?


Oh, yes folx, you heard right!  $92 for some appetizers and drinks!   How did they do it you ask? 

Simple, deception.

Now when ordering the beverages, they failed to disclose that we were purchasing our beverages at a higher price because they ASSUMED we wanted to go to their store afterwards to purchase a ‘souvenir’ glass.  I have plenty of glasses at home, don’t need an additional ONE for $10 + the cost of the drink.   AND what’s worse, they try to make you really think you’re getting a deal by telling you, ‘Hey!  Your second beverage order is 1/2 OFF!!!  Mind you, this is before they disclose that you’re getting ready to pay $20 for only 2 glasses of beer.  Oh, and the birthday Margarita that was $13. 

Now, to be clear, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with HRC wanting to get over on its patrons, right?  It’s their abounding duty to make a buck THE BEST WAY THEY CAN, right?  It’s the American way.  So, I’ll give them that.  But what they also have a duty to do is allow their patrons to CHOOSE if they want to donate their hard-working-never-enough-in these-drastic-economic-times-that-I-would-like-the-common-decency-to-be-told-up-front-what-I’m-being-swindled-out-of-before-I-order kind of funds.

And on top of all that, when we’re leaving out of the restaurant, they make it so you have to exit thru the STORE exit….wow, isn’t that genius!  That’s where my God mother (did I mention on her bill she had an appetizer of Spring Rolls and a side order of 6 Shrimp and of course, 2 beers= $41!)- tried to get her ‘souvenir’ glass and it didn’t even have the restaurant logo on it!  She would have never known until she got all the way home had I not asked her what her glass looked like!

But what may be the MOST absolute deceptive thing HRC did that night came down to the birthday shots of Grey Goose.  Four shot glasses were ordered on behalf of the birthday girl.  After she drank two (2) down with not even a twinge, some got a little curious and suspicious.  Now, my sister not being a drinker didn’t feel anything was wrong, however, others did.  When a friend of hers took a sip of the 3rd shot, she realized that it had been diluted with WATER!!!  And these suckers were $13 a shot!  Needless to say, we were very, very angry patrons to say the least.  

Well folks, that’s all I have to say about that….you decide!  But as for me and mine, we will NEVER GO BACK TO HRC.


Make it a Great won’t-be-getting-swindled-by-them-again Tasting Day!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. John A. JOnes says:

    You will lose more by being deceptive than being honest. I’ll come back for your going out of business sale.

    Surprised on 5/22/10

  2. God Mom says:

    If we had just gone to the liquor store we would have been able to tie everyone on for a few days. HRC has seen the last of me. And BTW, the egg rolls were soggy and the shrimp too peppery, I needed the beer!!

  3. T Money says:

    Girl, that is just ugly. The last time I was at the HRC the service was terrible and I vowed never to return! Water drinks is the lowest of the low.

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