Juicers…which one is the best?

Greetings & Salutations!

As I stated in my earlier post, I am on a new health kick for 2010 and beyond.  With this transition comes the research of finding low-calorie/fat/sugar healthier alternatives and lifestyles.    Well for this week I’ve researched a bit in the area of juicers.  I would love to juice up my recommended daily servings of 3 fruits and 4 vegetables in the morning and get it all in for the day!  Wouldn’t that be great!

I’ve solved the question of where and what to buy (Forest Park Farmer’s Market primarily, Dekalb County Farmer’s Market when I can get there) every weekend for the fresh goods!  And the Jack LaLanne Juicer….I think…?

I tell you, I sat down one Sunday morning and was mezmorized by this man and his wife!  Already knowing the value and importance of juicing, the infomercial really made me want to get up and get one already!  Obviously I am their target and the paid advertising spot did its job.

So my question to you, ‘Is Jack LaLanne’s juicer really the best for my buck or is there another daring enough to compete?’

The following juicers made my cut, PLEASE help me to narrow down:

–  Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer

Sharper Image® Super Juicer

-Hamilton Beach 67650 Juicer, Big Mouth Pro

-Waring Pro JEX328 Juicer, Health Juice Extractor 

Please help!  Feel free to comment also on any good juicers you don’t see listed.

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