the coach and six restaurant- 1776 peachtree street….

Talk about one of the best restaurants ever in Atlanta!  Does anyone remember The Coach and Six on Peachtree and how it had the most devine American Contemporary cuisine ever! I had my first and last intoxicating experience back in 1994.  They served delicious dishes such as Lobster Ravioli, their famous Triple Cut Lamb Chops, and my ABSOLUTE favorite dish, the Traditional Shrimp Scampi- another entry in my internal cookbook that has led me to love gourmet food the way I do today.  

(Right next door to where The Coach and Six used to reside is the fabulous R.Thomas!!!  My husband would eat their wings every night if I let him.  I’m quite partial to their version of Eggs Benedict (on wheat toast).  You talk about tasty-healthy food, R.Thomas is definitely one of my inspirations when I create my menus of healthy gourmet.)

I have no idea why The Coach and Six closed, but if anyone knows, or has an idea of what restaurant in Atlanta or anywhere, comes close, please, I’d love to know!

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  1. Michael says:

    I loved this place all from childhood. But please, the correct name was “The Coach AND Six”.

    It closed because George LeFont bought it. Lefont should have stayed in the theater business and stayed out of the restaurant business. Stay with what’cha know is what I always say!

    1. acaof says:

      I stand corrected, thanks! How did you stumble across this great info?

    2. Mimi Bean says:

      It did not close because george Lefont bought it. I was his wife at the time. We bought a restaurant who’s owner Hank Soloff, passed away leaving it to his lovely wife, Beverly to run. When we bought it, it was losing money. I would have closed all by itself then. George being a CPA and business man successful with his theaters, turned it around and made it better. Once it was profitable again, we sold it. It closed because the building was bought and had asbestos and with the construction all around it, less people were going . Those people sold it again and the new owners made it a deli that did not survive. And that’s the truth:roll:

    3. Mimi Bean says:

      It did not close because of george Lefont. I was his wife at the time. We bought a restaurant who’s owner Hank Soloff, passed away leaving it to his lovely wife, Beverly to run. When we bought it, it was losing money. I would have closed all by itself then. George being a CPA and business man successful with his theaters, turned it around and made it better. Once it was profitable again, we sold it. It closed because the building was bought and had asbestos and with the construction all around it, less people were going . Those people sold it again and the new owners made it a deli that did not survive. And that’s the truth:roll:

    4. Don hensley says:

      Can we get any of the appetizer recipes or desserts

      1. That would be great! I would definitely post them here!

  2. Stephen Ledbetter says:

    Hi, I was the head bartender at the Coach & Six from 1993 until it closed!! The wall of fame in the bar was a true masterpiece!! The special patrons were all hand-painted and a true conversation piece to anyone that came in the bar!! This was a very Special Restaurant!! and it was Frank Heavlin the owner who truly brought the restaurant to its demise!!!!! I had some very special times working there!!!!!

    1. acaof says:

      Thanks so much for the post and history! I bet you bartenders have stories for days about the goings on and patrons of Coach & Six! Question, did Frank just get tired of running it and simply bowed out gracefully? Or was there a little more to it?

      1. Stephen says:

        I’m sure there was alot more to it, but one may never know why. It had alot of history and was truly a very special place to have been a part of.

    2. Jay says:

      I have the hostes station from the coach and six

    3. rich burns says:

      I remember arriving at TCAS early one evening to meet my client at THE COCA COLA COMPANY.
      I had flown in from Chicago, checked in, showered and got dressed. OOOPS the only shirt I had with me was much too small. So I thought, what the hell, suck it in.
      When I arrived at the bar I knew this was not going to work. I ordered a martini and the brain began to function. The barkeep and I were the only ones in the bar so I asked him to bring a sharp knife and meet me in the Men’s Room.
      His expression was unforgetable but he did what I wanted him to do.
      He sliced the back of my shirt. It fit perfectly and the rest of the night was extremely enjoyable

    4. Lucy says:

      Hey Stephen I tell everyone about the great crudités on the tables when you first were seated at the table . We would drive from Chattanooga Just to eat at this great restaurant. Thanks for all you did to make those great drinks!!!!!

      1. Stephen says:

        Thanks Lucy, it was a truly special place to work. So many patrons who had been coming there for years. Some of the wait staff had been there for many years! A true dining experience. Was so glad to be a small part of it

  3. Bob Love says:

    I was a bartender at the Coach for 4 and a half years in the 1970’s. This is when Hank Soloff was still alive. Hank, his brother and Beverly ran the Coach and Six at that time. During that time the entertainment included Dick Drew, Freddie Cole, Sy Timmons, the Teddy Edwards Trio and many others. The cheese toast at happy hour was very popular. At that time the Beer Mug, the Tree on Peachtree, Smugglers Inn, Chapter 11 bar and Vittorios Italian were all going strong.

    1. acaof says:

      Wow, such history! I love it! They just don’t open restaurants like this anymore. Everything is so ‘infused’ and somewhat uptight :-(. Where are the ‘real’ classic dining spots where you get what you pay for?

    2. Seretta Monier says:

      Bob, I doubt that you will even see this since the post is so old, but I’m taking a chance.I googled The Coach and Six and there was your name. If you see this, please e-mail me. That is if the name Seretta rings a bell. I’d like to hear what’s been happening in your life.

      1. Bob Love says:

        Bob Love answered old post on Coach & Six page:: if you get this message ; yes I do remember you! Email

    3. Kathy Slinkard Velvet says:

      What ever happened to Sy Timmons? I heard a tape of his once and fell in love with his style.

    4. Frank Doherty says:


  4. Glenn Thompson says:

    I worked there myself in 1994, just for the Christmas and New Years season. I was young, and have stayed in the rest/bar business my whole life. It was one of the nicest restaurants I ever remember in Atlanta. Poorly managed, but what a classy joint. I waited on Rush Limbaugh once there, and saw several other celebs. The money was incredible too, one reason I guess I stayed in the business!!

  5. Melody says:

    I worked at the Coach and Six at the same time Bob Love worked there…during the 70s. I filled in for the bar manager when he took an extended trip back home to Greece and also worked as Hostess in the dining room. I watched the artist paint many of the famous people portraits behind the bar.

    One of my favorite memories is meeting Jackie Gleason. He came in with Atlanta friends for dinner early one evening. They finished and left but Jackie came back later to the bar and I got a chance to sit and talk with him. He was a very personable man and he gave me the carnation he was wearing in his lapel.

    Jackie was also in town along with Burt Reynolds during the filming of “Smokey and the Bandit” in which I narrowly missed a chance to get a bit part. The bartender at the Coach at that time had known Jackie from his bartending days in Miami and had stopped in on a filming location to say hi. Jackie told him they needed some women to fill in for the waitresses at the truck stop outside of Atlanta where they were filming. He called me but I had left home about 15 minutes before.

    I worked there when Hank Soloff was there and after he died, his wife,Beverly ran things. Sometimes, when she had to go out of town, or on Sunday nights, she let me handle the front desk in the dining room.

    The Beer Mug across Peachtree Street from the Coach was the local area “Cheers” watering hole during that time.

    1. Allan Altman says:

      I’m wondering if anyone knows if Beverlee Soloff is still alive, and if so, how to reach her? I am the Project Coordinator for a DVD company that is releasing a 1955 TV production that she was in (at that time she went by the name Beverlee Dennis). I would love to be in contact with her, at the very least to send her copies of the DVD when it is finished.
      Any suggestions on how to reach her would be appreciated!
      Allan Altman
      Video Artists International

      1. Lisa Jaffe says:

        I know Beverlee very well and will contact her and let her know about you. you can reach me at 305-893-7559 my name is Lisa.

      2. Mimi Bean says:

        Hi this is Mimi, George Lefont and I bought the coach from Beverly . She lives in Florida. Amazing lady ! I will try to get her address,

    2. Judy says:

      My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary at The Coach And Six. It was a grand experience for sure. One of the chef assistants knew my husband and suggested it. We were kids….literally….just 19 and 20 years old. That was in 1972 and we are looking at 40 years real soon. I remember the fried onion rings and was impressed when my husband’s friend told us they were African onions. The biggest I have ever seen as was also the experience and memories of that evening. We thought we were Royalty on that very special night and speak of it often. Sad to hear of it’s closing. Would have been nice to celebrate the 40th there for sure but the grand memories we shared that evening will always be open.

  6. george p says:


  7. Paul Ruyle says:

    As a bus boy there from about 84 through 87, I had a rather tight connection with the staff, management and ended up having the chance to be the roommate of one younger member of the family that owned. Ms. Beverly was really something else and she certainly brought a touch of traditional Hollywwod glitz and Glamor to the entire operation. The cheese toast was popular but I would say the lamb chops, while great could never top the (What I considereed to be) signature item. The Prime Rib. I was also trained in the kitchen but personal habits at the time made me an unsiotable candidate and besides I was better suited to the “front of the house” as I was told by Bev. Talk about star power there too. We stayed open way past closing many times for limited VIP gatherings, and I will never forget serving LIberace and his pals after he had performed at the now defunct Omni. Still sporting glitter in his hair, he signed my Menu, “To my “Pal” – Paul – LIberace and even drew his signature piano and candleabra. Bette Midler, Ted Turner, Frans Sinatra, etc. were in many times, and in an approriately casual manner. By that I mean that thought ther was the “back room” of course, mostly B listers or just big groups ever requested this. NO – the big names were oft seated right up in front of the house, in the big rounded booth. It was exactly because it was NOT unusal for A listers to be pressent, combined with the fact that the staff (and the other patrons) knew never to gawk, point, nay even appraoch such personalities without a strict protocol and thus it was a calm enviroment. My fondest memory was being mentored by the Late George Kaysian, known as “Kasey” to mostly everyone. He was the real deal. He got me in to the inner circle and taught me the bus. I hated to move on as I did as the mid 80s moved upon me. I was saddened when the business, now no longer under Beverly S’s protective wings, became more of a name that what it had once been once Lefont et al took over. As far as newer places to reccomend, I just do not get out as much as I once did I suppose. They must be out there… or must be created, by those that remember what true show place was and could once more be. And that post about the wall of Fame. Yes – the pivotal and conssumate expression of being “SOMEBODY” in ATlanta was being allowed to have your visage grace the wall in the lounge area..

    1. Warren Bice says:

      WOW, I have been looking all over the place for a chance to try to find out how to make the Coach and Six cheese toast. I would like to know if you have any idea the recipe and the type cheeses they used. I was friends with John Pearson and Max Gobel, both are now passed away but the Coach and Six was one the best restaurants I have ever been to in Atlanta.

      Have a great week-end
      Warren Bice

  8. Carrie Davis Norris says:

    Carrie (CL) Davis -as I was called back then, My husband Ron and I used to go their back in the late “70” one of my favorite places to dine out. I live in Colorado now, It breaks my heart to hear that it’s closed. I was looking up the black bean soup . That was one of the best ever!!! Of course every thing was great!! It sounds like everything has changed sooooo much , and that is such a shame. I talk about to all the time (when talking about the good old days) If anyone has the black bean soup recipe – I would love to try it again! my email address is

  9. Nina Harden says:

    The atmosphere there was truly wonderful and made you feel very special. I’ll always remember the delicious Ceasar Salad that was made for you at the dinner table. It was absolutely wonderful — I’ve never had another one to top it. I’m so glad to have been one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to enjoy such a great Atlanta restaurant! Those were the days . . .

  10. John says:

    Worked as a bartender for several months prior to the “fire”. A cook was clarifying butter, it caught on fire and ignited the exhaust stack which went all the way to the roof of the building. Severe smoke damage throughout the restaurant. It was a great place to work with it’s history.
    Would love to find out whatever happened to Tia. A beautiful blonde who worked the front as manager.

  11. Sharon Shade says:

    I considered The Coach AND Six to be my go-to place for a celebration. I went there with my family when I graduated from high school, when I graduated from college and later when I got my first job. In between those special occasions, I went there several times when my date would let me pick the restaurant for a special evening. I loved it there and I have the recipe for their Black Bean Soup that was published many years ago in Secrets from Atlanta’s Best Restaurants. I moved away from Atlanta in the early 80s and it is sad that this restaurant has closed. While nothing lasts forever, it seemed in my mind that Coach AND Six would be the exception.

  12. Denna GOTHARD says:

    Please let me know to and if the chief has gone anywhere else

  13. michael passmore says:

    i worked at the coach & six from 92 til 97 and i wish they never closed i loved that place i started bussing tables there and became the manager. frank and sue was good to work for george ran it in the ground.. its a part of my life i would never change.

  14. Laura says:

    This is cool. I was just looking around to see a few pictures of the place that I grew up and I am so happy to see that it is still remembered!
    I would love to talk to people about there experiences.
    Does anyone remember the name Mielert?
    You can contact me at
    If you have pictures of the mural I would love to see them!

    I was there from 1970 until Lafont destroyed it. (I grew up there…almost literally)


  15. eddie mac says:

    does anyone know what happened to ‘the tree on peachtree’? i can’t remember the exact location and was wondering what was built in its place…also, ‘the second sun’ (?)…i believe there was a lum’s next door.

  16. Paul says:

    I remember taking dates there in 1976-77. Great food, great staff. Steven Spielburg ate there back in 1972 while casting “Close Encounters”…

  17. Jim says:

    Loved the lamb. Ate there several times mid 70’s.

    1. boyd says:

      Me and my wife would go there in the late 60’s and 70’s …. grate place, loved food. It was one of our favorite places to dine. It’s a shame all the fine restaurants , Bars and clubs have closed. Atlanta was a fun place in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s.

  18. Myles says:

    Does anyone happen to know how to make the house salad dressing for
    The coach & six??

  19. Warren Bice says:

    I remember the Coach and Six very well. Had dinner there many times. I had two friends, John Pearson and Max Gobel who were waiters there. Does anyone have any idea the recipe they used for the appetizer, their famous cheese toast ? Nothing like it. If you have any idea how to prepare the cheese toast, please, please let me know

  20. Warren Bice says:

    Does anyone have any idea how the Coach AND Six made that wonderfuly cheese toast ? If you have the recipe, please post it ! It was the BEST !!

  21. John says:

    Back in ’94 or ’95 I had to go from Philly to Atlanta on business. A very special young lady I knew was driving down from the University of Tennessee to meet me so I wanted to take her somewhere real nice. I knew nothing about restaurants in Atlanta so picked the Coach and Six at random. What an incredible choice I made. I think she was impressed. It is now 18 years later an that special young lady and I are still dining together but have never been to another place like the Coach and Six. 🙂

  22. paul says:


  23. Cathy LeMoine says:

    My husband and I were guests of his boss and ate there many times from 1975-78. We came from a small California town and were so amazed. Silver, China, English hunt club decor and the food! When you sat down they brought a 3 tier tray of appetizers, then a lovely chilled salad with a 3tier tray of bread and rolls, THEN they brought you a menu! The food was delicious and dessert was the best ever. My husband has never found a chocolate mousse that comes close to theirs. What a loss of a wonderful eating experience.

  24. I’m from California and only rarely get to visit Atlanta. Ate at the Coach and Six in 1982 and had one of the best meals that I have ever experienced. Was sorry to hear that it closed.

  25. Neil says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >the coach and six restaurant- 1776 peachtree street.
    | AC ART of Food Weblog <Liked it!

  26. constantinen says:

    I have lived in Florida my whole life but in the 80’s we frequented Atlanta. I was a teenager at the time and it seemed that our trips were never complete without lunch at the Varsity and dinner at The Coach and Six. I have many fond memories of the Coach and will miss it.

  27. Vicki says:

    EVEN the chopped steak was good….everything there was delicious. It is the ONE place I so miss in Atlanta.

  28. It’s hard to come by experienced people in this particular topic, however, you sound
    like you know what you’re talking about! Thanksstreetdirectory

  29. Steve Hopper says:

    My wife and I got engaged at The Coach and Six on New Year’s Eve, 1989. We were married on May 26, 1990. The restaurant was excellent, and we miss it. And that must have been a good omen, because after 23 years, the love of my life hasn’t left me yet! (0; Cheers…

  30. Edie says:

    Only good memories from The Coach AND Six! It was our special occasion spot in the mid-70s. The best food and service in Atlanta. This is the place where I encountered my first sommelier…very impressive.

  31. Scott says:

    My grandfather used to take us there for celebrations and for lunch from time to time. He’d reserve the bog round booth in front for the family – who knew he was such a snob. We always got a good table there. His face was on the wall for a while.

    1. Nick says:

      I am from NC and my grandmother Nina Wakefield along with Ed Kilby who was a constant regular there.
      They introduced
      me to this restaurant at the age of 7 back in the early 70s. It was a very special place. I asked Ed how he got his picture on the bar wall and his reply was 1000.00 a week.

  32. kali says:

    Working on a memory book about The Coach and Six for the original owner, Beverlee Soloff Shere’s 90th birthday. If you would like to share a memory of The Coach or send Beverlee a birthday message, email by April 6, 2014. Feel free to pass on to anyone who you think might want to share a memory.

  33. Clayton Logue says:

    I worked at The Coach and Six in the early 90’s, just after Beverly sold to George, before he changed the menu. Michael Kline was the ‘boss’. What a trip of a place to work. I remember that the walls were covered in nice oil paintings, the red leather booths & banquets, and the Italian marble foyer. I played the grand piano several times in the lounge, and waited tables. The first station of tables closest to the front door was always called “The Temple”, for obvious reasons. Edward Bernsen, Arthur Glassman, John Passmore, Steven Roberds, Derrick Rosa, David Hart, Treba, Xavier Harrison, Mitch, Michael Halstead, Danny Miner, Jackson, and of course sommeliers Paul & Ariel were some of the employees that worked there for many, many years. Then there was Benny, who worked there from day one. He always drove a late model Caddy….I remember Beverly’s Rolls Royce that was always parked out front when she visited. Many celebs still frequented the Coach and Six in the early 90’s, including the Turner-Fonda clan. Ted drove a Taurus & old VW Beetle! My favorite guest was when I waited on & chatted with Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, who dined alone that evening. Such a nice, quiet gentleman! I was allowed to take my dog leftovers every evening, particularily half-eaten prime rib & lamb chops. My dog was the happiest pooch in town! I was honored to be on The Coach and Six bowling team, and still have my bowling shirt with all the insignia!

  34. Brian says:

    Having graduated from Ga Tech back in the spring of ’87, you can imagine the treat it was when one or both of my parents came into town and wanted to take their college-boy out for a “grown-up” dinner. To be an 18 year-old lad on an expense account was quite an experience. The Coach & Six is where the 5 of us roommates (Booby, Paul, Mike and Dave) from the Jade East (at Howell Mill & Collier) went for our Graduation dinner on the Friday night before the big ceremony early Saturday morning (too too early). I even had a couple of wonderful dates there as a young adult. It was so much fun to be a young couple and watch all the “older folks” try to figure out who we were, and why where these “kids” at their restaurant. Such great memories!

  35. Dave says:

    visited the COACH AN SIX many times from 1971 to its closing. once in a lifetime experience .believe this only possible because of leadership of Beverly. anyone remember Michael Kline , Jimmie Mink? what happened to all the great people of the Coach ERA. every night at the coach was to be cherished in my memories. food,drink , service an excitement of seeing Beverly come in an hear the whispers from customers saying its Beverly!!!

  36. a good ole south georiga boy says:

    My wife and I got engaged there in September of 1986. We have been happily married now over 27 years.

  37. Frances says:

    My husband , who worked for the First National Bank of Atlanta, made the loan to Hank Soloff to open the Coach and Six. It became our favorite restaurant! We were honored, I think two years later, to be invited to dinner by Hank and Beverlee. At dessert time, the waiter (maybe Oscar?) presented Hank with a silver platter on which sat the loan note which had just been paid off. Hank ceremoniously burned the note – which wasn’t due to be paid off for several more years. That’s how successful the best restaurant in Atlanta was – thanks to the Soloffs!

  38. joyfulnana says:

    My parents took my younger sister and myself there while we were vacating in Atlanta. I had been trying to recall the name and came across here. The first mention of Miss Beverly I knew I had found the correct restraunt. Went there only the one time , I was just thirteen I believe, maybe younger. I had lamb chops for the first time! Oh it was so very good. Also first time I had ever had sorbet ,a palette cleanser. It was magical for this little girl. I still hold onto memory of The Coach and Six, even if I couldn’t recall name. Just a very magical place!

    1. Warren Bice says:

      They served Cheese Toast early with the meal. It was so delicious. I wish I had the recipe !

  39. Ann says:

    My grandfather was actually the Chef at the restaurant for a while (1963-1985) I think. Truly an incredible man.

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    1. Greetings and thank you! Please access the ‘subscribe’ link towards the bottom of the blog page for this information. Please reach out again if you have any questions, thanks!

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